New WATERCOLOUR in progress

Hello – OK here we are at the beginning of a new watercolour.  The pictures posted show the work at the second glazing stage, plus a close up detail of the grapes.

You will notice that this is more or less the same set up as our last lesson, using one of my favourite props – the white ceramic jug.  I particularly like this jug because of it’s shiny surface which picks up all the surrounding reflections, colours and shadows.

The main difference is the lighting and my choice of background – this time I have used a lighter coloured silk scarf.  The tone of the finished painting should therefore be much brighter.

I am using thin glazes of transparent W&N artists’ quality watercolour, waiting until each layer is completely dry before applying the next colour.  My palette is the same as the previous lesson used.

I will continue to post pictures of each stage so that you can watch how the painting progresses.


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