…and the next best thing is teaching it – at my studio overlooking the beautiful North Antrim coast.

As a self taught [professional] artist, I paint in all mediums – watercolour, oil, acrylic, graphite, pastel and silk/fabric and mostly work to private and gallery commission.  I have also carried out several public art demonstrations over the years and regularly exhibit across Ireland, the UK and previously, in the Middle East.

An elected member of the WCSI [Watercolour Society of Ireland], the UWA [Ulster Society of Women Artists], I am also one of the founding members of AEA [Art Eireann Group of Artists].
I also paint as ‘Michelle Carlin’, and regularly host professional watercolour courses and art workshops in the Studio; acrylic, oil and drawing courses have recently been added.

August 2001: I attained qualifications in ‘Interior’ and ‘Lighting Design’ through the National Open College Network but, due to illness, was sadly unable to continue in this field.

I love everything about the sea, the waves and the constant motion of storm surf, and passionately endeavour to capture the unfolding drama.  Stormy days are definitely the best.

As an avid environmentalist and [slightly mad] animal lover, I also like to read and dabble in poetry/writing [delightfully, my poetry was published a few years ago].  Over the years I have been honoured to receive numerous local and international art awards, was selected for “The Best of Worldwide Watermedia Artists Vol.II” publication and, have had my work published in “International Contemporary Artists” 2013.

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